Q. What’s all the buzz about Babywearing?

    A. There are SO many reasons you should be wearing your baby, here's a few of our favourites:
     - You get your hands back!  Tidy the house, use your computer, even write a novel – and you don’t even have to put your baby down.
     - Wraps help to distribute your baby’s weight across your whole back and shoulders. 
    - Wrapped babies are happy babies (or at least quiet babies!). A 1986 study found that babies who were carried for 3 hours per day cried on average 43% less than those who weren’t.

    Q. Are your wraps safe?

    A. At FreeRider we don’t take the safety of your child lightly. That’s why we have our wraps independently tested to the relevant European safety standards namely “PD/CEN-TR16512 Guidance document for baby slings”. Many other brands don’t bother with testing. We believe it’s massively important for both our piece of mind and yours. If you follow our safety instructions and use your judgement, babywearing is very safe indeed.
    If you’d like more information on our thorough safety testing, please feel free to get in touch with us, we’d be happy to chat it through with you.

    Q. Why FreeRider?

    A. You mean apart from our beautiful designs?!

    We honestly believe we’ve created something better than any other wrap available on the market. We‘ve spent countless hours designing our ranges ourselves here in the UK and we have no doubt that comes across in the quality of what we have produced. The number one comment we get form our customers is how soft our material is compared with other wraps. This was crucial to us in the design process; we know that when you’re carry for extended periods of time, comfort is a huge priority.

    Q. What are your wraps made from?

    A. Our fabrics are sourced for the practicality of life and of course to look great whilst living it! We have created ranges comprised of different fabrics for ages and activities.The majority of our wraps are made from varying compositions of cotton and spandex, giving them that soft-secure feel. Our Lenzing Range (coming soon) is made from the pulp of Austrian Beechwood trees making it exceptionally ecological.

    You can find out more about the composition of each range on our product pages. 

    Q. What weight range can the FreeRider Wrap hold?

    A. We recommend a minimum weight of 8lbs and a maximum of 35lbs. Although you may be able to carry your baby if they’re outside this range, those are the weights that our safety testing was conducted to and therefore they are all we can responsibly recommend.
    Check out our Instructions page to see the best method for tying your baby depending on their weight.

    Q. Can I wear my baby facing forward in my wrap?

    A. This is one of the questions we are asked most often. We STRONGLY discourage parents from facing their babies forwards in ANY sling. The forward facing position often puts your baby’s hips in a vulnerable position and can contribute to Hip Dysplasia. It’s much better to put your baby in a comfy ‘mum-facing’ hold with knees higher than bum!   .

    Q. I’m a Plus Size/Petite Mum – will a FreeRider Wrap fit me?

    A. Yep  We’ve made our wraps long enough to fit almost any mum (or dad!). If you’re a smaller mum, you can wrap the ends around you an extra time to have less material hanging down. Or even tie it in a nice bow on your hip, the options are endless.

    Q. Is payment secure?

    A. Absolutely. All our payments are secured with 256-bit encryption as a minimum and processed through either Shopify’s secure server, or directly through PayPal. So you know that your details won’t be finding their way into the hands of anyone!

    Q. How quickly will I receive my wrap?/ How much does shipping cost?

    A. We know how much our customers hate waiting, so we aim to get your wrap to you as soon as possible. Check out our Shipping Information here for more details. 


    Q. What’s your returns policy?

    A. You can see our returns information right here. But to sum it up, if for any reason at all you’re unhappy with your purchase, which we hope will never happen, FreeRider will offer you a full refund less shipping. 


    Q. How do I care for my wrap?

    A. We know how messy life as a new mum can be; luckily all our wraps are machine washable. As a general rule, wash your wrap no hotter than 30 degrees and you’ll be absolutely fine. In fact, we’ve specially treated our Verve range to make sure the colours don’t run. We do not recommend tumble-drying though. All this information can be found on your wrap’s label too.