• Stage 1.

    Find the label in the center of the wrap and place in line with your belly button, the top of the wrap should sit just under your breasts.


    Stage 2.

    With the two ends of the wrap, cross them behind your back bringing each end over the opposite shoulder. The cross should sit between your shoulder blades on your upper back. Make sure you straighten out the material so the material lays flat with no twisted parts. At this point the wrap should not be pulled excessively tight, it should sit comfortably hugging your waist and back.


    Stage 3.

    Now that both ends lay over the shoulders, gather both pieces of material with one hand and tuck them behind the fabric that has the label on it lying horizontally around your waist. Pull down and cross the two ends over to make an X at the front. The wrap should sit comfortably and no tighter than a snug fit.


    Stage 4.

    Cross both pieces behind your back at waist level.


    Stage 5.

    Bring the two ends of the material back to the front and either tie in a double knot to one side or at the front. If there is enough material, cross both ends at the front, again at waist level and tie in a double knot behind your back.


    Stage 6.

    Adjust the wrap so it sits comfortably around your body, there should be a slight stretch in the material, the wrap should sit tight enough to feel a secure snug fit but should not feel uncomfortable at any point.