The warmest, biggest ever welcome to our home! It is unreal this has actually become a reality as so much blood sweat and tears has gone into this little gem, its hard to believe we are here!

    My name is Scarlett :) and I am the founder of FreeRider.  

    FreeRider came about through my love of travel and was inspired by my nephew Bobby. I was travelling when Bobby was born and my sister wanted to come visit, so when thinking of a gift, naturally something to encourage them to jump on a plane made sense! Eventually I came across carrier wraps, the idea was perfect but I was unimpressed with both the design and materials available. I came home and started FreeRider, here we are today! 

    Our mantra at FreeRider is to inspire mums to keep doing what they do. Whether that is as extreme as travelling the world or as simple as getting out and about with their friends. 

    I hope you like our home and find comfort in our wraps whatever adventures you have in store! 


    Scarlett Williams - Founder