The warmest, biggest ever welcome to our home! It is unreal this has actually become a reality as so much blood sweat and tears has gone into this little gem, its hard to believe we are here!

My name is Scarlett :) and I am the founder of FreeRider. Some of my friends say I’m a hippie in nature and outlook and in some respects this is true I guess. I have always, always loved to travel, anywhere and everywhere. Why? Mainly for the people. I love to learn about and get to know different people, they are the best thing in this world. You are the best thing in this world!


People travel for so many reasons; for beauty, opportunity or just to explore different cultures. FreeRider came about through my love of all the above and was inspired by my nephew Bobby. I was travelling when Bobby was born and my sister had always wanted to come visit, so when thinking of a gift, naturally something to encourage them to jump on a plane made sense! I looked around for carriers to make this idea come to life, as travelling alone with a lot of equipment is never enticing. It is also worth noting my sister and I are into our fashion so plain or bulky carriers were a no go. Eventually I came across carrier wraps, the idea was perfect but I was super unimpressed with both the design and materials available on the market. So that very day I went out picked up some great fabrics and a cheap sewing machine and made one for her. They used it everywhere on the 2 weeks they came to visit. The entire trip she had been on at me to make something of the designs, when I came home I took her advice and started FreeRider, here we are today!


I always had a fear that having a child would restrict doing what I love, it sounds selfish but I think its an open fear that a lot of people have, losing their selves a little. Then I thought; rather than fearing that, why don’t I work to create a product that not only helps  people keep doing the things they love but also adds a little one along on their journey?


Our mantra at FreeRider is to inspire mums to keep doing what they do. Whether this is as extreme as travelling the world or as simple as getting out and about with their friends.


I hope you like our home and find comfort in our wraps whatever adventures you have in store! 




Scarlett Williams - Founder

Scarlett is both the passion and the brains behind FreeRider. Unsatisfied with the choices of wrap available, she created her own. From there, FreeRider was born and she’s never looked back. Passionate about style and with a keen eye for fabrics, she’s always looking for new ways to make FreeRider the best brand in babywearing.

Frazier Christie - Developer

Frazier joined the team early on to help with the ‘technical’ side of the brand. His work is mostly behind the scenes but he is pivotal to keeping our store running smoothly. He’s also the man behind our recent web redesign, which we hope you love.

Maddy Bartlett - Social Media Manager

Maddy is the creative mind behind all of our social media channels. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even Youtube, Maddy creates beautiful content to help us show you what FreeRider are all about.

Rita Truong - Blogger

The ‘voice’ of FreeRider, Rita has the most incredible talent for writing. Rita talks about a range of things that a parent goes through in the early years. She takes you through the ups and the downs and shares her experiences of a real mum, no hard parts excluded!  A full-time Mum and part-time blogger, Rita has her hands full, that’s for sure, we are so lucky to have her on board!

Amelia Dix - Head of Marketing

With her super engaging personality, Ameila was the perfect fit for our head of marketing position. She handles everything from advertising to media publications and she does it all with a huge smile on her face. We love to work with Ameila because her positivity is so contagious. It’s hard to have a bad day when she’s around.